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The benefits of printed golf caps and shirts

If you are searching for a way to boost your organization's visibility, why not reach out to a wide sector of the community that could be right in your backyard? You can add your logo on golf caps and shirts, letting everyone on (and off) the course and off know about...

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The Top 10 Promo Items Your Business Should be Giving Away

It’s 2015 — a great time to plan out your marketing for the year, if you haven’t already! Your business is probably set as far as some advertising goes – print ads, web marketing and the like are already set up and ready to roll. However, there is one tried and true...

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Custom Printing: Do’s and Don’ts for 2015

Do your paper printed products reflect your company’s brand and image? The paper products used by your business can boast some impressive marketing power if created with your brand in mind. Since a form, a receipt, a business card and a fax letterhead may stay with...

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Make Your New Year’s a Green One: Screen-printed Totes

Heading into 2015, look for ways you can move in an eco-friendly direction! One easy way to step up your “green game” is by cutting out paper and plastic bags. If you run a business and have to bag products for customers to carry out, screen-printed tote bags could be...

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New Year, New Brand

Do you need to spruce up your company’s image? Are you finally getting around to creating a company slogan, or bringing your logo up to date? Did you move your offices recently, and haven’t yet updated your printed materials? The New Year is the Ideal time to give...

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Order your 2015 Calendars Now!

Did you know? Calendars are possibly the highest use give-away item your business can create and pass out to customers, next to pens. Who can’t use another attractive calendar in their home? By ordering your own custom printed calendars in advance of the New Year, you...

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Promotional Holiday Gifts for Your Business

Note: To ensure holiday delivery, please place your holiday orders with Viking by Wed, Dec 10th. Thank you.   Are you ready for the holidays? If you haven’t thought about reaching out during this season to your nearest and dearest in the business world, then the...

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Holiday Card Printing

Are you thinking about the holidays yet? If not, it’s time. The holidays are an ideal opportunity to let your business contacts know just how much you value them. Everyone deserves appreciation, from your vendors to your clients and even colleagues in the same...

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Embroidery vs Screen-Printing

Are you trying to choose between ‘screen-printing’ or ‘embroidery’? The best options really depends on a variety of factors – your budget, your time frame, and your intended use for the finished product. Screen-Printing Screen-printing allows you to create incredibly...

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