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Viking is a proud supplier of Saati Chemical and Xenon emulsions.

Saati Grafic HU 2-Part Emulsion

Once you try this emulsion you’ll never go back to your old product!

  • Emulsion for printing, UV-cured, plastisol, solvent-based, and water-based inks.
  • 39% solids content.
  • Excellent print definition on any mesh.

Having trouble with pin holes on your screens? Try Graphic HU. You’ll have one less headache going forward. Call (631) 957-8000 for your free quart sample.

Textile Emulsion (Textile-PV)

  • Pure photopolymer emulsion resistant to plastisol ink, abrasion, and humidity.
  • Water resistant when post exposed.
  • 42% solids content.
  • Excellent print definition on any mesh.

Emulsion Removers

Remove (ER5)

  • Removes all stencil types.
  • Ready-to-use concentrated liquid reclaimer, also with built-in degreaser.
  • Economical product for spray application.
  • Can be used as-is for tough stencils, or can also be diluted up to 3:1 with water, for stripping of easier reclaiming stencils.

Remove (ER2)

  • Liquid concentrate that includes powerful built-in degreaser.
  • Dilute 1:35 by volume, or 1:25 by weight to provide full-strength working solution for spray application.
  • Very easy to dissolve and will not crystallize.
  • Degreaser cuts through any greasy film left after ink remove, which ensures fast and efficient stencil removal.



Ink Removers

Remove (IR4)

  • For cleaning Platisol and Nylon inks.
  • Slightly viscous to improve cling to screen during application.
  • Low VOC at 113g/L.
  • High efficiency formula reduces product consumption.
  • Clean screens with water and easy rinsing formula.

Remove (IR19)

  • Versatile universal ink remover.
  • Cleans solvent-based, UV-Cured, and Textile inks.
  • Low foam and low odor.
  • Can be used for manual or automatic cleaning.

Stain Remover / Degreaser

Remove (HR6)

  • Non-caustic product.
  • Removes stains, haze, and ghost images from mesh for recycling.
  • Best results will occur on images left from the previous print run.
  • Pink semi-viscous past with a mild cherry scent.

Mystic Textile Cleaning Gun

  • Lightweight metal degreaser.
  • Cleans textiles, stones, furniture, and upholstery.

Press Wash

Remove (PW4)

  • Stencil safe.
  • Removes ink from screens on press.
  • Recommended for use with both plastisol and UV-cured ink systems.
  • Has a medium drying speed with little to no oily residue left behind and a flash point of 120°F / 49°C

Screenprinting Ink and Supplies

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