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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Note: To ensure holiday delivery, please place your holiday orders with Viking by Wed, Dec 10th. Thank you.


Are you ready for the holidays? If you haven’t thought about reaching out during this season to your nearest and dearest in the business world, then the answer is no – you aren’t! Don’t worry. We have plenty of ways for you to cement old B2B relationships and foster new ones.

Promotional holiday gifts can be the ideal way for your company to boost visibility during the holidays and kick-start your campaign for repeat business in the upcoming year. You can show just how much your colleagues, vendors and even competitors have made an impact by sending holiday greetings in the form of a customized corporate holiday gift.

Your Long Island printer such as Viking can help you create these kinds of personalized Christmas gifts as well as delivering on custom greeting cards. While you can’t beat a bonus for an employee or a renewed contract for a vendor, there are many cases in which a nice gift is just right when it comes to making certain they remember you fondly.

Let’s start with the businesses with which you enjoy a professional relationship. Consider having something created that is customized for both of your companies – for example, instead of using just your own branding, have customized items say “Created for (their brand) by (your brand). Any of the items you send will then reflect the mutual benefits that come with working together.

For your staff, consider thinking outside the box. Coffee mugs may be a favorite, but what if they came filled with even better gifts? Try adding custom printed flash drives, bespoke business card holders, and more items that can make them proud they work for you.

Employees who travel might enjoy some finer comforts. Think about a portable stand for their tablet, to make charging, listening to music, and watching movies in a lonely hotel room a little more fun. You can also have items such as travel mugs, stress balls, and even roadside emergency kits custom printed for your employees to see how much you are concerned for their well-being on the road.

Finally, don’t forget that every office is better off with cold, bottled water to hand out top clients on demand. Have your own custom printed bottle labels created to accent your brand, and enjoy the pleased looks you’ll get.

Professional relationships are just as important as personal ones are, so don’t let this sterling opportunity to strengthen your own slip by. Use custom printed promotional items to make your ties to those around you even stronger!

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