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We are a leading NY supplier of R-TAPE pallet and blockout tape and CASEY’S PAGE MILL pre-press products.




Pallet Protek Paper™

Now you can eliminate messy spray adhesives from your pallets as well as the need to use volatile solvent cleaners. Just cover your pallets with a few layers of Pallet Protek and mark the base letter with an “x”. Spray the paper tape with the adhesive instead of the pallet. When finished, remove and discard the top layer of tape. When you get to the “x” layer, simply reapply a few additional sheets of Pallet Protek.

Pallet Protek™ uses a natural rubber adhesive that resists solvents and high temperatures of flash curing. The adhesive system is designed to remove easily and cleanly without adhesive residue.

Available Sizes:
100 ft. rolls, 16″ or 18″ widths.


Tape Blue Screen Tape

A blue self-wound polyethylene film with aggressive acrylic adhesive to use with conventional wooden framed screens. Forms solvent-resistant ink dam, preventing leakage. Removes cleanly from mesh without leaving adhesive residue. Taping both sides of the screen withstands multiple washings.

Available Sizes:
GXF-5002-479-2 2″ x 50 yds. BLUE SCREEN TAPE
GXF-5002-479-3 3″ X 50 yds. BLUE SCREEN TAPE


Viking Pallet Guard

A very good alternative to some more costly pallet papers. Cuts down on valuable clean-up and set-up times.

Available Sizes:
Pallet Guard 16″ x 100 yds. (GXP-575-16)
Pallet Guard 18″ x 100 yds. (GXP-575-18)


Caseys’ Prepress Products


Caseys’ Laser Paper

A high-quality vellum-like paper designed for laser printers and copiers. Screenprinters use this laser printer output as a positive for exposing screens. This is an inexpensive alternative to using film. Caseys’ is also more durable and stable than other vellum, meaning it won’t shrink and wreck your separations. Finally, Caseys’ Translucency is designed specifically for use with laser printers and copiers and won’t jam or damage your printer

Available Sizes & Quantities:
DT11-250 8.5″ x 11″ LASER PAPER (250 sheets per pkg.)
DT17-100 11″ x 17″ LASER PAPER (100 sheets per pkg.)
DT17-500 11″ x 17″ LASER PAPER (500 sheets per pkg.)
DT18-500 12″ x 18″ LASER PAPER (100 sheets per pkg.)


Laser Film


Viking Water-Resistant Ink Jet Films (Rolls & Sheets)

A good general purpose, cost-effective, water-resistant ink jet film that provides excellent clarity, density, and definition for your screen exposure.

Available Sizes:
VSG-P17 13″ x 100′ INK JET FILM
VSG-P24 24″ x 100′ INK JET FILM
VSG-8117 11″ x 17″ INK JET FILM (100 sheets per box)
VSG-8318 13″ x 18″ INK JET FILM (100 sheets per box)
VSG-8319 13″ x 19″ INK JET FILM (100 sheets per box)
VSG-8311 8.5″ x 11″ INK JET FILM (100 sheets per box)
VSG-8314 8.5″ x 14″ INK JET FILM (100 sheets per box)



Clean-up Cards


Ultimate Clean-up Cards (UCC-5352-15/3)

A disposable, strong multi-use tool for screenprinters. Cleans ink out of screens and off squeegees. Can be used to scoop ink out of containers. Cleans scoop coaters, applies block-out to screens and adhesives to pallets.

Screenprinting Ink and Supplies

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