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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Why should you seek out a professional printer for your in-office products? In this age of “find the cheapest way”, many offices go the online route, but using a local New York printer can set you head and shoulders above your competition.

Cheap prices from online vendors are often a sign of lack in quality, so don’t fall for ads that advertise low prices on printed products. Any savings you might see would be undone by shipping costs and you won’t be happy with the finished products. Likewise, printing your own papers out can be prohibitively expensive once you factor in the enormous cost of ink, paper and cardstock, so it is in your best interests to cultivate a relationship with a professional printer.

  1. While digital cards are good for sending along with emails, a physical copy is important for occasions such as meetings or other in-person events. Your business cards are often the main physical link your client has with your company after meeting you. A flimsy card isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. Business cards reflect your company, and a high quality, well laid out card is a fantastic introduction for your business. Go for a card with clean cut edges and on center print, and make sure to get them printed on heavy cardstock, since some cards may live long lives in people’s wallets or briefcases.
  2. Brochures can also provide important first impressions, and should be printed on reliable paper that will not bend when put in briefcases & bags. High quality images should be placed on glossy paper, and they should be attractive enough to keep, increasing chances of future business. Spend the extra money for a professionally designed brochure printed by a professional printer, and the end product will be well worth it to both you and your customers.
  3. Postcards and direct mail pieces are the third type of first impression, and should also be handled by a print shop with an eye to detail. Slick and professional mail options are important, and the incentive to open them and hang onto them is vital. Matching letters and envelopes look formal and eye catching. Avoid blank, computer generated stickered mailers, since they will go straight to the junk pile. Make sure to include a logo, return address and phone number on the envelope, so even if they don’t open it, they have your information on hand. Your Long Island printer can help you produce high quality versions of all of these products as well as other incentive materials that can help your business receive the recognition it deserves.

Every item that comes out of your company should be a marketing opportunity, and professionally printed paper products can help you boost your brand!

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