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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Wholesale embroidery purchases can be leveraged in many ways for a small, midsized or large company. They can be used as promotional items in order to increase consumer loyalty, or worn by employees to increase brand visibility and encourage word of mouth about the company. While some business owners may be hesitant to invest in Long Island wholesale embroidery products, the cost can usually be written into an advertising budget. Embroidered shirts and other items have great visibility and an incredibly low cost per impression, making them a solid investment.

When used as promotional materials, wholesale embroidery items should be provided to clients and consumers in a cost effective and beneficial manner that will increase interest and appreciation for your particular company. Being aware of the benefits of promotional and brand oriented products can increase your chances of success, and help you manage your expectations surrounding items that are being considered as offerings to clients and consumers – whether as freebies for your business, uniforms for your employees, or sales items that have the added value of promoting your brand.

If you or your company are considering a wholesale embroidery purchase, take the time to research different companies to ensure you find the most cost effective embroidered products wholesaler. Products should be well made and reliable, without being overly expensive. Choosing a local Long Island embroiderer will help keep costs down and allow you to take advantage of discounts that might not be available from vendors out of the state or country.

Wholesale embroidery is most often used on shirts, either for employee wear, as a promotion giveaway, or in some cases for saleable product. Embroidery on shirts is usually confined to the left breast, the sleeve cuff, the point of the collar, or the center back of the collar. The most common things to be embroidered are the company name, logo, motto, or employee name or title. Well made and finely embroidered polo shirts make an excellent uniform for causal workplaces, especially in businesses where a clean cut appearance is required for contact with the public, but a suit is too formal. Embroidered golf shirts are also an excellent choice for industries that service consumers in their homes; an embroidered company shirt can make homeowners feel at ease and also makes your employees present a uniform, professional appearance.

When placing a wholesale embroidery order, ask about discounts for volume. If you use a Long Island embroiderer, you can pick up your order and save on shipping costs as well. If you are buying for employees, do go to the extra trouble of sizing everyone correctly and investing in extra shirts for future employees or if something happens to an employees shirt or they forget theirs. Try to choose a color that reflects your company brand but doesn’t make your staff look or feel stupid – a horrid mustard color will not go down well even if it is the primary tone on your business sign! Finally, insist that those wearing the wholesale embroidered shirts remember that when wearing the shirt they represent your company, and that their behavior should reflect that.

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