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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Wet-on-Wet / Simulated Process Inks

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Multiprint high opacity inks that work on long print runs.


WOW is a high opacity, low build up ink line designed specifically for wet-on-wet printing. This ink is ideal for high volume print jobs. WOW inks will not build up on succeeding screens allowing for longer press runs with fewer interruptions. These inks are bright, clean, and opaque. Also WOW are Oeko-Tek approved.

The majority of print jobs can be reproduced by separating the image into a predetermined set of colors. QCM has designed a set of eight colors (six colors plus black and halftone base) that when printed together will produce an endless spectrum of colors.

This is known as Simulated Process printing and is performed by separating the image into halftones and then printing each color through fine mesh screens allowing for very fine printed detail on any shirt color.

For more information on Simulated Process see our FAQ section.

WOW-2101 Lemon Yellow
WOW-3101 Star Bright Orange
WOW-4101 Star Red
WOW-4102 Star Scarlet
WOW-4103 Star Deep Red
WOW-4105 Star Magenta

WOW-5101 Star Navy
WOW-5102 Star Light Blue
WOW-5103 Star Blue
WOW-5104 Star Light Royal
WOW-6101 Star Purple
WOW-7101 Star Dallas Green

WOW-7102 Star Kelly Green
WOW-8101 Star Spice Brown
WOW-9101 Star Dark Grey
WOW-9102 Star Grey
C-489 Simulated Process Starter Kit (Quart)
C-491 Simulated Process Starter Kit (Gallon)

WOW-201 Yellow
WOW-202 Gold
WOW-205 Vegas Gold
WOW-210 Chrome Yellow
WOW-302 Orange
WOW-401 Scarlet
WOW-402 Dark Cardinal
WOW-403 Fluorescent Pink
WOW-405 Blaze Red
WOW-408 Brite Red

WOW-453 Fuchsia
WOW-501 Sky Blue
WOW-502 Columbia Blue
WOW-503 Royal Blue
WOW-504 Navy Blue
WOW-505 Opaque Process Blue
WOW-506 Ultra-Marine
WOW-601 Dark Maroon
WOW-602 Purple
WOW-607 Maroon

WOW-701 Grass Green
WOW-703 Kelly Green
WOW-704 Turquoise
WOW-705 Lime Green
WOW-710 Forest Green
WOW-801 Tan Flesh
WOW-803 Rust (Texas Orange)
WOW-805 Medium Brown
WOW-902 Grey

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