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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

If your company wants to compete in today’s market, you have to give people a reason to buy from you and not your competitor. That means creating visibility in your community – and screen printed design tees can make you and your employees stand out in a crowd. By employing the services of a reputable screenprinter, Suffolk County businesses can increase brand visibility!

Participating in local community events and supporting charities is a great way to build good will in your local area and to show people you care about the wellbeing of your community at large. Of course, it is vital that your company be promoted as the driving force as each individual on your team participates in the group effort. Showing up and working together as a team and presenting a united front in matching screen printed shirts is the perfect way to achieve this goal.

You can use screenprinted design tees to unify your group and help them be visible at group or charity events, community efforts and public appearances at fairs and other local events. When your team shows up to lend a hand volunteering or to participate in a good cause, it reflects well on your business and lets onlookers know your company is committed to the community.

Screenprinted tees can also be a terrific way to team-build. Pass them out for company retreats or picnics, or allow them to be worn at certain times, such as casual Friday or on inventory night. If an employee takes a picture of himself or herself at a club or restaurant wearing the company shirt, offer some sort of small reward. You could even have a contest going and award a nice prize such as a prepaid debit card to the employee who racks up the most ‘official public screenprint shirt wearings’ in a month.

Offer to take your staff out to lunch – at least all of your staff who wears their screenprinted tee to work that day. A group outing can make a visible impact when you all show up at the local hangout in your matching company shirts. This is a great way to impress the fact of how important the shirts are to your company, and a good method for rewarding employee participation as well. You could even work a deal with a local diner or pizza place to give your employees a discount when they come in wearing their shirts, meaning they get more business and you get more exposure!

Your screenprinted shirts should be high quality if you want your employees to wear them on a regular basis. Cheap shirts shrink and fade, and won’t be the first pick for attire, so look at your shirt buying as a serious investment and shell out the extra for durable shirts and a high quality custom printing job to create shirts your staff will be proud to wear. Choose a company that routinely does professional screenprinting in Suffolk County, and ensure each shirt is a creation your staff will be proud to wear.

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