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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

If your company interacts heavily in the B-to-B sector, you probably have a slightly different set of priorities and approaches then when dealing directly with the public. The need for professionalism and a good first impression can be even more important, since each business you interact with represents a huge customer base. Promotional printed products can be a huge part of your marketing plan, but you’ll need a slightly different set of items than you would for a direct sales or service position.

Why Use Printed Promotional Products as Gifts?

The thing you need to remember when dealing with vendors and retailers as opposed to the general public is that your goal is to get them to like you and perceive you not only the best source for what you are selling but the easiest and most pleasant to deal with. Catering a little bit to the people you interact with can go a long way towards helping them believe you are their best bet.

Using printed promotional items for your branding efforts can help you achieve your goal of being the top choice every time one of your contacts needs a service or product that you can provide.

Your local Long Island printer can help you with supplying the items you need for your B-to-B outreach efforts, but first you have to find the right hook or angle.

Great Products for B-to-B Interaction

When contacts in the target B-to-B field are younger and more in tune with the fast moving internet and technology generation, you’ll do best looking for printed promo products that focus on their lifestyle – including cool gadgets, products for on the go such as travel mugs and device car chargers, USB drives and so on. For less techy but equally busy folks, try high quality pens, notepads and calculators that are customized – these can see daily use. For desk bound execs, even traditional gifts like stress balls or desks sets are a nice gift.

Making a Splash at Industry Events

Networking is king, and while the internet and social media means you can do a lot digitally, pressing the flesh face to face is still a huge way to make the right contacts and show you really are invested in a solid B-to-B relationship. Make sure you bring along printed promotional items that are really useful – coffee travel mugs that are set up on a table with an actual coffee machine will be appreciated more than a goodie bag, and a flash drive with a PowerPoint on it instead of a brochure could be edgy as well as useful later.

Don’t be shy when it comes to getting promotional printed products in the hands of your B-to-B contacts. A well placed, well thought out gift might be the one thing that tips the scales in your favor when contracts get awarded!

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