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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Outdoor charity events are a perfect time for you and your company to get involved with local consumers, getting to advertise your logo and brand. Most of these events are held in the spring or summer, which means that T-shirts and water bottles can be handed out to potential customers in large groups. You can support important, worthwhile causes while still getting to draw in business, and your work towards the foundation will be remembered in full. To make it even better, Viking, your local printer is here to help.

It is hot during these events, which can always call for reusable water bottles and embroidered baseball caps, which can feature your logo and website address. This publicity for your company is good, and the added good image is even better. You may even be approached by a group for sponsorship opportunities, or these events give you a chance to seek them out yourself. Supporting a charity that relates to your business can help optimize your returns later.

T-shirts will always be a popular and wise choice to put your brand on. Make sure to plan ahead and get a few of each size, so everyone who wants can have one. The more the merrier, right? Do not shirk on these t-shirts, because even after the event a well-fitting t-shirt can be worn time and time again, only extending the amount of exposure you receive.

To match with the rest of your team is a welcome feeling, and custom printed items such as water bottles, t-shirts, and jackets help bring you and your team together for a good cause while still getting the word about your business out in the open. If the event has a chance of being chilly, embroidered windbreakers would be a wise investment, so if your t-shirt gets obscured by a jacket, the logo is still visible on another item of clothing.

A catchy slogan is always welcome, and can always bring humor to an event and make your t-shirt or custom printed item more memorable. Try to design along with the program you are attending, such as choosing a pink hue for your shirt if the event is for breast cancer or women’s health.

Where to get all these items for a reasonable price may seem like quite a difficult choice, but your local Long Island printer is there for you and your business. While name brands may not be available, Long Island printer offers large discounts on bulk orders that larger chains cannot provide. By shopping locally, you will also be showing your support for local businesses while still dodging the large shipping and handling fee.

Attending and sponsoring a charity event can not only help your business, but others in need as well. You will be supporting worthwhile organizations, and there’s always something good to feel about that. With the help of your local printer and your hard work, whatever event you choose to sponsor will be well remembered and something your team can feel proud of.

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