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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Summertime is the perfect time to promote your business using custom-printed t-shirts! There are plenty of worthy and charitable causes you can make your business a sponsor of, from 5K runs and walks to and walks to rallies, parades and community gatherings. Gaining publicity for your business can be as simple as offering to sponsor a local youth group, a sports league, or even the school’s academic team.

Local charities and youth groups are always looking for help, and often will welcome the chance to get shirts free for their group. The first thing to do is to call your local school, YMCA and other youth organizations and find out if there is a group in need. You can also check with small charitable organizations, and event planners, who might be organizing a rally, marathon or other event in your community.

Once you have selected a cause, team, or group to sponsor, you can move forward with creating a design for your custom printed tees. You may need to collaborate with a liaison from the organization you are sponsoring to come up with a design that is acceptable to both parties. Your Long Island printer like Viking can help as well, with suggestions on design, shirt style and color, and so on.

While your logo should be displayed on the shirts, it should never overpower the design. Likewise, the team, event, or group’s name should also be prominently displayed, along with a design that speaks to the cause you are sponsoring. Ask for input from the official organization, or use generic symbols depicted in color for an easy fix – a ribbon in pink for cancer; a silhouette of a child for leukemia; a sports ball for an athletic team, or an owl for an academic one!

Your sponsorship can extend to shirt for the entire group or team, and you can throw in some extra printed promotional products as well. For sports teams, runs, and walks, water bottles are always welcome; for indoor events you can supply totes or other items. Caps, sweat towels, wristbands0 the opportunities are almost endless.

What is to be gained by giving away promotional printed tees? By participating in events and causes in the community, you get the kind of exposure and good word of mouth money can’t buy. Tee shirts and other items are likely to be worn and used again and again, so your logo and brand name could be seen by an exponentially increasing number of potential new customers!

Take advantage of the chance this summer to get involved locally, by providing sponsored printed tee shirts to charity events and youth groups. It’s marketing money well spent!

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