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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

A staff that is dressed for the occasion is an impressive sight, and it is the best way to establish a good image for your customers’ benefit. Screen-printed shirts are a simple and easy addition to your list of employee requirements, and they can make a large impact on your company employees’ appearance.

Why should you tout uniformity? Company uniforms have long been used to identify similar members of a business, and help create a professional image in the workplace. Coordinated outfits not only reel querying customers in, but also bring your employees together to make your business more efficient.

A fashionable and sleek screen-printed tee can ensure customers instantly associate them with your business, and employees will even wear them outside of their work hours if they look nice enough!

Your company’s signature outfit can be as elaborate as to include hats and jackets, or a simple as khakis and matching polos that display the company logo. Deals are more comfortably closed with a well dressed individual, and you want your customers to feel secure when they sign papers or check out their items.

Screen-printed shirts can be a huge benefit to any company, especially those who take the idea seriously and don’t “cheap-out”. Quality is important, especially if they will be in use for a long time. Nothing ruins a good impression like a bad handiwork. A professional Long Island screenprinter can ensure the length of life and quality of your screen-printed shirts.

Company shirts are easy to handle and simple, and look professional without making your staff unhappy with their daily wear. Appearance matters to more than just your customers, and a employee that feels comfortable and attractive in their uniform is a hardworking employee.

Drab jumpsuit uniforms can be uncomfortable and demoralizing, but in some situations a pair of jeans and a tee are not appropriate. This can lead to the choice between your staff’s comfort level and the professional aspect of your company. A pair of khakis and a screen-printed shirt is a great compromise, and are both comfortable and professional.

At least two shirts should be issued to each employee, and you should factor some spares in when placing your order. Many screenprinters offer bulk discounts, so extra company shirts could be added to the order without hurting your company’s finances.

Final tip: You may wish to stipulate that your employees cover the cost of their shirts (or the cost of any beyond a supplied number), but make sure you don’t violate any laws regarding minimum wage (you can’t deduct anything other than taxes from a minimum wage paycheck in most states).

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