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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Spring is officially here. The Easter Bunny has come and gone, the flowers are bursting out of the ground, and trees are starting to leaf out. There‘s no better time to come up with some seasonal promotions for your business! Your Long Island printer can assist you with creating the best printed promo items to give away to your valued customers and to lure new customers in!

While giving stuff away may seem like spending money, not making it, the return on investment can be huge as you are creating a sense of brand loyalty, attracting new customers and creating visibility for your brand by giving away some printed company items during the most cheerful time of year!

Customers who get free stuff don’t just keep coming back to a company that does handouts, but they tell their family and friends as well! (“Hey! That shop on the corner is giving away free ball caps today!”)  Wearable items like caps benefit you by displaying your company’s logo for all to see, so each time a customer wears the item, they’re actually advertising for your business. Clever, right?

For a spring promo, try to include items that will be useful and fun during the season. Printed company items don’t have to be restricted to the perennial key rings and bottle opener – you can do better than that!

Consider custom printed packets of flower seeds or plastic planters. This are a great giveaway for families with kids who will need something to occupy them once school lets out for the year! You can also try such useful items as umbrellas to protect from spring showers, (these can also display your logo).

Get in the mood of the season and go for pastel colors that evoke springtime,. Yellow, light blue and soft green are good choices. Consider incorporating a little theme, such as rainbows or flowers into your logo design, or printing a short message like “Happy Spring 2013” on your promo items. This lends a personal touch to the giveaways and you can carry out the idea into Summer, Fall and Winter with new items for each season to keep customers’ interest piqued.

Choose a few smaller items to give away free with every purchase, and also put together some bigger gifts to give away randomly throughout the week. Have a big basket full of goodies up front and sell raffle tickets for a chance to win (keep the raffle tickets cheap, like 10 for $1 – this is not about making money, it’s about giving stuff away! Donate all proceeds to a local charity for an even better promotion!)

A successful spring promotion means being creative and getting your Long Island printer to create quality printed promo items that people want. When these items are customized to promote your business and put in the hands of customers, your own clientele becomes your strongest advertising medium!  

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