Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Custom printed company and promotional shirts are a quick, efficient way to increase brand recognition for your company name, products and services!

Adding your company logo on a shirt makes your business instantly visible to the public, and just one shirt can generate literally hundreds or even thousands of impressions! If your staff and customers wear custom printed shirts with embroidered logos in your company colors, you are getting extra advertising with every person they come in contact with.

To maximize the effectiveness of custom printed shirts, you have to identify your goals. Logo shirts and other printed or embroidered merchandise should always have a small but dedicated budget – it may be a small part of your overall marketing campaign, but it‘s going to be one with some of the best ROI out there compared to traditional forms of advertising!

Step One: Evaluate your marketing and promotional goals. Are you planning on having your employees wear the shirts when on the sales floor or are you sponsoring a local youth team for outside exposure? What should the focal point of your shirt’s message be? Customer service? Best product available? Reasonable pricing?

Step Two: Find the shirts you need. Your local Long Island Printer probably has stock or at least a vendor on hand to supply you,  but you’ll need to factor in the intended wear on the shirt – company shirts in some industries may be damaged or stained, indicating a need for cheaper shirts, while shirts for customer promotions should be high quality to encourage the owners to wear them frequently.  Climate may also be a consideration – heavier knit polo shirts or even long sleeved tees or Henleys may be best for Northern locations, while the deep South will dictate the need for light weight, breathable fabrics and short sleeves.

Step Three: Decide how many shirts you need. Discounts are usually available for larger orders (check with your Long Island custom print shop for batch pricing). If you are giving the shirts away, consider demand, and if you are purchasing for employee use consider specific sizing and replacement needs.

If you are giving away shirts for a one time event, your best bet may be purchase a single lot of value-priced shirts in a light-weight fabric and have a simple screen print done on the front. For nicer staff shirts, consider a heavier-weight shirt with embroidery instead. Sports teams will have their own specifications, and you can work that out with the coach for the team your company is sponsoring.

Don’t forget that your shirt represents your brand! Make them comfortable and durable, and people will wear them often. You might even offer a trade in policy for people who bring in their worn out shirt and give them a new one to continue spreading the word about your business!

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