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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Having a summer sale or promotion? Promote it with printed flyers! These customized sheets can be utilized for many different groups, organizations and events throughout the summer. When planning your summertime flyers, look to your Long Island Printer (like us!) for help. They can assist you with layout and printing and get you set up for the most productive summer in your business’ history!

Start with the Sale

Begin with the sale(s) you wish to have. A special day with a child friendly theme always draws a crowd – moms and dads always like free events where they can take the kids for a day and escape the chorus of “I’m bored!”

Consider holding a day to clearance out your unsold and hard to move inventory. Rent a bouncy house and set up a grill for hotdogs. A flyer promoting your fun day can be distributed several days to a week I advance and people will put them on their fridge doors to remind themselves to go.

Design Your Flyer

If your business or organization has a logo or motto, this should be front and center. If you want to get creative, put the logo at the top or bottom with your company name and create a bright image in the center of the flyer using a local artist or clip art. Remember that more colors used on your flyer means a higher cost per page! Ensure there is plenty of contrast between the background color and the logo, image and any text on the flyer!

Text for Your Flyer

Use simple, bold text with headlines and bullets to break up the space and you’re your flyer easy to read and understand. Times and dates should be prominent – they are what needs to be remembered. Stress that it is a free event insofar as the kids’ activities are concerned! Your advertising advisor can help you with crafting a flyer that sends an emotional appeal and brings customers in by dozens.

Posting the Summer Sale Paper Printed Flyers 

There are many places that will allow you to post a flyer as long as you ask first – so make “May I?” a standard phrase in your vocabulary. Be careful about posting flyers on public property or vehicles; you can get in trouble for putting flyers on trees, telephone poles, or cars. Anywhere you see a sign that says: “no signs or flyers”, refrain from posting. You can ask for permission to post flyers at schools, churches, community centers, or government offices; and businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and other popular gathering places (like the Y or the community center) are also good places to inquire at.

Don’t forget to ask your Long Island Print Shop owner for advice! Your summer sale flyers should be a great success, and your printer might have some tips and tricks to apply in your local neighborhood!

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