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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

A business that shows support for youth in the area is more likely to be patronized by the local community. Your business can encourage goodwill by sponsoring a youth sports team with custom printed sports gear! This not only increases brand exposure and name recognition, it almost guarantees you’ll have the team members, their families, supporters and friends bringing their custom to your store.

The first thing you need to do is select a team or teams to sponsor. You may be approached by a local youth team or league, or you may make an overture to the local youth center, YMCA, schools in the area, or other community effort groups that promote kids‘ activities.

Once you have found a team or league to sponsor, you should locate a Long island custom printer that can help provide whatever custom printed sports gear they may need. Depending on what kind of team or activity you are supporting, you will have a variety of gear to choose from. This could be anything from jerseys to caps to sports bags to sweatbands or other apparel.

Although uniforms are often a prime example, some teams may need alternate gear such as towels, water bottles and coolers. Remember, every piece of custom printed sports gear you provide for the team can help increase your brand visibility. You may even want to supply spirit gear for the fans and family of the players!

Every time your chosen team takes to the field or your league plays a game, your company gets automatic advertising. Although some teams are only looking to have a sponsor that supplies cash, in many cases that cash is earmarked for supplies and providing the supplies directly is an acceptable compromise.

You can also sponsor the league’s trophies for the end of the year. Even participation trophies can be a great way to get your brand inside players’ homes, where their parents and friends will be reminded of your business if the inscription includes fine print bearing your business name and/or motto. 

Once you’ve decided to sponsor a local sports team and chosen the youth sports items you will be providing them, all you have to do is find a Long Island print shop to complete your order in time for delivery to the lucky team. Be sure to pick a reputable shop that uses only high quality items to customize, as the items you are providing will reflect on your business. It’s no good to deliver uniforms that fall apart after half a season! 

Using printed items to promote your brand while simultaneously supporting community youth may be one of the smartest moves you can make. Earmarking part of your advertising budget for this type of in your face marketing is a great way to garner community support and will pay off in ways you may never have expected. Don’t forget to buy an ad in your school paper if it is a district team, or offer to pay for a banner in the home stadium. This will increase your visibility at each event they participate in, and enhance the effect from your printed sports items. 

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