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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Printed flyers can be utilized for many different groups, organizations and events throughout the summer. There are a few tips you should follow when planning your summertime flyers – and your Long Island Printer can help you refine your choices and deliver everything you need to make your summertime activity a success!

Your Printed Flyer Layout

Start with your organization logo, or if you are more informal, find a piece of royalty-free clip art or have a member of your group draw a great original piece of art you can use. Keep in mind that the more colors you use on your flyer, the more expensive it will be. Make sure there is proper color contrast between your logo or image and your background flyer color.

Place the image or logo on your page with room around it to give it more visual punch. Try to create the logo or drawing in the size you will be using, as enlarging or shrinking the image can lead to resolution problems.

Text for Your Printed Flyer

Depending ion the content of your summer activity and your intended audience, your font choice may be either dignified (Times New Roman) or simple (Arial). You may even want a playful font (such as Curlz) for an activity geared towards small children.

Don’t get carried away and use to many different colors for the text or tow many different font styles or text sizes. Using a larger text size for the header is fine, and any times and dates should be prominent, but your flyer should remain easy to read and understand.

Stylistic Tips for your Flyer

A printed flyer page that is written like a letter with long paragraphs will be deemed not worth taking the time to read. Break up your flyer with bullet points and images to tempt readers into signing up for the activity. You can always provide more information via phone or on a website with contact info on the flyer.

The grid system works well for printed flyers. Imagine the front page divided into nine boxes, and vary whether you have a small block of text, a large font headline, a few bullets or an image. Consider using a regular sized sheet of paper but turning it in landscape mode, then creating a flyer you can be hung, handed out, or even folded like a tri-fold brochure.

Posting Your Printed Flyers 

When in doubt, ask! If a sign is posted saying “no signs or flyers”, refrain from posting. Always request permission to post flyers at schools, churches, community centers, or government offices. Do not post flyers on trees, telephone poles, or cars. Try businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and other popular gathering places and ask if you can post a flyer or leave a few for patrons to read.

Don’t be shy about asking Viking for ideas and suggestions for your flyers. You want your summer activity to be well attended and enjoyed, and creating the perfect flyer then distributing it properly can help make your event a resounding success.

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