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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Are printed paper products useful to a budding entrepreneur? Your business is only as good as its first impression, and having a selection of printed materials available is an effective means of spreading word about your business and building up its brand.

The top five printed paper products for your latest endeavor or enterprise include:

Business Cards

Custom printed business cards are an absolute must for any entrepreneur. They are your front line opportunity to connect and share your vision with other people. A well designed business card is convenient way for you to provide your contact information to others and can also help build up your brand image. How well laid out and attractive your card is will reflect on your company, and the card itself will remain as a tangible reminder of who you are and what you can offer.


A simple printed paper leaflet can provide a small amount of information about your company by identifying a problem, offering a solution, and presenting a call to action. Leaflets are easy to create and distribute, and can even include incentives like a coupon for new customers. These items are great for lead generation, and should also include all of your information and be branded like your business cards.


Brochures can be as simple as a trifold glossy piece of lightweight cardstock printed on both sides or as a multi-page booklet. They contain much more information about your business services or products and act as a stand alone sales pitch. These are great for times when an in person sales pitch isn’t a possibility, giving the prospect the chance to learn more about your company later.


Posters can be used in your place of business to provide a quick idea of what you provide and who you provide it to in the way of services and products. You can even entice customers to enter your place of business with proper poster placement, and every person that walks past your poster becomes a potential customer who has been alerted to your company’s existence.


While not a paper product, don’t forget giveaway items like pens. Having a jar of pens handy for customers to snag one or two means you are sending them on their way with a handy reminder of your company and is perfect for long term brand saturation. A brochure or pamphlet can be flipped through then either discarded or acted on, but a penis something useful that they’ll hang onto for a while. Your branding efforts will keep your name fresh in the minds of those who use your pens regularly.

Using a local Long Island print shop to provide you with high quality paper printed products can help boost your company’s image and subsequently improve your bottom line!

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