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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Did you know that printed paper items remain one of the most effective methods to use for brand and business promotion? Finding a reputable Long Island printer is the perfect start, as a professional printer can create an entire line of custom printed products for the New Year.

Why use printed paper products? Here are six ways they can benefit your business in 2014, from impressing existing customers, rekindling B-2-B relationships, fostering good will in the community and engaging new prospects.

The first step is to standardize your branding across all products. If you have a logo you like and feel it is worth keeping, have your printer adapt it for use. If not, start from scratch and develop a brand image that can be used regularly.

You’ll also want to research your target demographic and establish text content that is appealing. Once you have clearly defined your market base, your message and your presenting face, you can have materials created.

  1. Business cards are a natural first step. A professional business card on high quality stock is imperative, and you’ll need to ensure that all of your information is present. The traditional name, address, phone and fax are a good start, but consider having your digital information on the reverse of the card – such as your business website URL, Facebook Page and Twitter handle.
  2. Stationery is the next obvious need when it comes to printed paper products. You should have a solid letterhead, with your slogan beneath. Your address and phone number can be placed in the footer. Order matching envelopes with the return address printed on the top left of the front or on the tongue of the envelope on the reverse.
  3. Calendars can be used to promote your business and foster goodwill among customers. You can choose from a wide range of printed 2014 calendars that include desktop, wall, and even page a day calendars.
  4. Brochures are often a great way to build B2B relationships if you need to secure new vending opportunities, and can also be used for B2C interactions. A tri-fold glossy color brochure is the most effective.
  5. In-store paperwork. Professionally printed invoices, work orders, receipts and paid in full notices can boost your in-store credibility and create paperwork that is designed to both impress and bring customers back.
  6. Direct mail pieces. A nice postcard is more likely to get a response than a rote letter, because it doesn’t have to be opened. Consider using direct mail opportunities in tandem with digital marketing for fullest effect!

All of these printed paper items and more can be professionally created by your Long Island printer, and used to leverage a better year for your business in 2014.

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