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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Sharing your business’s sales and events in the local community is still one of the best ways to bring in new custom.  The use of flyers and handbills endures, despite the Internet. Sometimes seeing something in paper form can make an even bigger impression than an email with links to click on!

If you do decide to get some leaflets for your latest business promotion printed up at a local Long Island printer, make sure that you use them properly. You can’t simply plaster the town with your flyers without repercussions! While people rarely get arrested for illegally putting up leaflets, you can incur a fine and have your flyers quickly removed.

Laws regarding the legal use of printed leaflets do vary from city to city. The best course of action is to stop in at city hall and check on local rules and regulations before ordering your flyers. There may be instructions about size and color of the paper allowed as well as laws regarding where and when to post them.

Some general regulations are true for most cities, and can be considered rule of thumb; these are as follows:

  1. Consent is key. Never, ever ever post any flyers, leaflets or other printed paper goods anywhere or on anything that could be considered private property without the permission of the owner. This includes any structures on, signs inside or vehicles located at private gated communities, apartment complexes, houses and privately owned parking lots.
  2. You are also never allowed to interfere with traffic in any way to distribute flyers or leaflets; this means no standing in the road passing them out to motorists or taping them to stop signs or road signs.
  3. Posting a flyer on the outside of a mailbox is a grey area – normally frowned on if not downright prohibited. Placing anything inside the mailbox itself is  against federal law which has determined that boxes are only to be used by postal carriers and the resident of the property where the mailbox is located.
  4. You may be able to post your leaflets at public parking lots, any place where you have the permission of the owner, and public bulletin boards in various locations. Check local laundromats and libraries for bulletin boards where visitors are allowed to post leaflets, and ask around at public colleges as well. Depending on your city’s laws, you may be able to place flyers on cars which are parked on city streets, but stay away from ones parked in private driveways or you could be hauled in for trespassing!

Make sure your leaflet shows a clear benefit – if it is just an ad, you will do no more than irritate those who find your flyers. Make sure you have an event or a free item giveaway or a decent discount or sale going on to justify having the leaflets around, and people will be more likely to view them as a positive than a negative. By using a professional Long Island print shop, you can create good looking flyers that won’t be instantly crumpled and tossed aside.

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