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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Graduation is coming up fast, and if you are like most parents you want your kid to have the best bash ever. Of course, save the date doesn‘t apply just to weddings, so it‘s your responsibility to get a head start and make sure your date is set in stone before six other parties get scheduled! Printed graduation announcements can be the early bird that gets the worm, if the worm is the best weekend for a graduation party.

Whether you plan to take this perfect opportunity to celebrate with a cookout or party, you can alert everyone to your plans with printed flyers announcing the date of your son or daughter’s graduation and hand them out at school. The initial flyer can be fairly vague, with just the date mentioned and not the location.

Once you’ve hammered out a guest list and the date is a little closer, you can create your invitations. You’ll need to collaborate with your teen in all of this so as not to embarrass them! They can help choose the perfect image, fonts and message to be custom printed on the invitation cards so the invitations look professional but still hip.

The next step to showing how proud you are of the high school or college grad in your life is to order custom printed graduation items for your Class of 2013 graduation party. A Long Island printer like Viking can arrange for customized plates, cups, streamers and more to make sure your teen’s night is fully personalized. Posters, streamers and foil balloons can also be custom printed for graduation parties and add an extra boost of hilarity and fun.

Make sure everyone knows who the graduating student is by custom printing his or her name on all graduation items along with a special “congratulations” message. You can add whimsical related images like graduation caps, diplomas and so on. You can even surprise the graduate themselves with a custom made t-shirt declaring “Can you believe I graduated?” or another similar message. The t-shirt can be signed by family and friends if desired for a keepsake.

Party favors are a must-have. Order custom printed graduation goodie bags filled with candy or small trinkets for everyone to take home. Once all of your plans are laid out, take your head count (with a generous overage for party crashers) down to your Long island paper printer and find out what kind of a deal they can get you. They might even think of a few things you haven’t that will make you 2013 graduate’s party even better!

Graduation should always be an event to remember, and by having your very own custom printed graduation items you let your teen know how proud you are and that what they have accomplished is really worth celebrating. Paper printed goods and other printed items featuring customized graduation messages not only serve a purpose on the actual day of the event – they also serve as a way to remember your teen’s special day long after the year is gone. 

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