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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

If you want your business to appear professional at all times. You have to look at every way in which you interact with the public, both with customers and anyone else. One was your business might benefit is from having custom printed paper stationery and envelopes.

Long Island print shop like Viking can create this customized stationery for your company at a reasonable cost, with return addresses envelopes to match. Just not having to write out your business’ name and address in longhand can be a huge timesaver – pre-printed envelopes are even quicker than having return address labels that have to be peeled and stuck.

Using custom printed envelopes and paper means the recipient of your mailings will be more likely to take them seriously. This is so important when you are mailing out invoices and sales advertisements. You don’t want your correspondence to end up in the junk mail pile! Having your own stationery and envelopes custom printed means you always look supremely professional.

It’s also excellent etiquette, particularly if you deal with business to business sales. Any type of formal or business correspondence should always have custom-printed address directly on the envelope. Return address labels are considered poor form.

Buying the envelopes to match the stationery is important because  the dyes used on printed paper products very seldom match exactly from batch to batch. For example, if you decide to order cream correspondence cards and matching envelopes from a printer and return address labels form another source, the dyes used to create the cream cardstock at the paper mill might be a different tint than the label manufacturer’s stock.

This also means almost any address label will clash when applied to the cardstock’s envelope. Even white has a hundred different subtle shades, and don’t forget the difference between matte and glossy – this is why return labels can look all wrong when used on custom ordered envelopes (not to mention that unless you apply them perfectly every time, they can go on crooked, making you look sloppy!)

These inconsistencies combined with the need to remain formal in business correspondence makes custom printed envelopes and stationery from a Long Island printer a great idea. You can order in bulk, saving money, and ensuring you always present a level of professionalism and quality that can properly represent your company.

Don’t hesitate to ask Viking about extra options, like having your company logo printed on the back of the envelope flap, or other ways to enhance your paper printed products for daily use

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