Ever think of doing something a little extra-special with your company to help promote good causes or awareness? It’s easy to do if you dedicate your paper products to the cause!

March is the national month for a number of things. Here’s some great ways to get your company involved with the help of a Long Island paper printer like Viking.

Irish-American Heritage Month

We all know St. Patrick’s Day is in March, but did you know it is also a month to celebrate all things Irish-American?   Think about choosing a pleasing pale green for all your paper printed products this month. Or, you could add a printed green shamrock to a corner of each page along with your company name and a message:  “Bob’s Plumbing celebrates Irish American Heritage Month!” or a “We at Kirkwell and Monaghan wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Music in our Schools Month 

A rich parchment shade with a musical note in the corner and a reminder to support the arts in public schools would be a great way to raise awareness of music in schools during the month of March.

National Celery Month 

Here’s a fun idea – have your Long Island printer run you off a bunch of silly drawings of a celery stalk character and have kids color them in and bring them back for a free promotional item. It’s a wacky way to bring parents back to your shop!

National Nutrition Month

A terrific promotional item during the month would be a picture of the new Nutrition Plate that replaced the old Food Pyramid. It could also be a color in option, with kids encouraged to draw healthy foods on their plate. Nutrition for kids is a worthy cause to support, and your community would appreciate it. Tie in with a press release about the coloring page and offer a discount to every family that returns finished drawings to your store (where you can display them for even more advertising punch!)

National Women’s History Month

It’s never a bad time to promote women. You can have your paper products printed on pink paper and offer a punch card to all women customers that they can bring back on future visits until they earn a free item. Choose a famous woman to promote like Eleanor Roosevelt or Marie Curie.

Your paper printed products are a great way to reach out, so be creative! Every month has a cause you can promote and if you have leftover paper products, you can just save them for next year. It’s always a good time to be reaching out to your community, and you can even tie in promotions or donations to worthy causes – remember, March is Red Cross Month, too!

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