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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Custom printed promotional items can help build a solid foundation for a lasting business relationship. Whether you are targeting clients or vendors in the business sector, printed items that have been turned into a showcase for your brand can keep you at the top of the list!

Almost anything given is generally received well, but beyond the typical promotional printed items are those less oft used but extremely appreciated and you can even tailor offerings to the specific recipient. Pens, coffee mugs, mouse pads and so on are easy to carry and distribute, and are perfect for large venues such as trade shows, job fairs and other instances where anything to bulky presents transportation problems.

For smaller one on one meetings, consider more specialized items, such as customized USB flash drives, MP3 players, shirts, caps and other apparel. Fill a customized tote bag with some gear and other gifts and watch the recipient light up.

Your sales team should be taking these items to the front lines. Each encounter with a potential new client or vendor should end with a promotional item which has been enhanced with custom printing proffered as a “remember us“ gesture.

For in office visits, customized water bottle labeling is a terrific way to get something of yours easily into the hands of your prospect. Travel mugs for coffee can also be filled handed off and encouraged to be kept, and are portable. Meeting with a group? Toss stress balls to each participant, to de-stress the room and add a humorous note. Hand out pens and notepads that are custom printed and encourage those in attendance to keep them.

Each time one of these items ends up in the hands or line of vision of anyone associated to your clients or vendors, they will be reminded of the name of your company. Don’t forget to include your contact information such as phone and fax numbers or your website or even your URL to make reaching your company fast and simple. (This is a great way to increase recurring business contracts!)

Anywhere you meet with or mingle with potential customers or business partners is an opportunity to help boost your brand’s visibility. Be generous with your staff as well and make them feel valued with plenty of printed company swag such as bumper stickers, drink cozies, calendars, and so on.

The more often your logo and / or company name is seen, the more chances it has to make an impression. Make sure that you stay stocked with plenty of custom printed promotional items to be used for fostering solid relationships, and take advantage of discounts by ordering your custom printed items in bulk from a local Long Island print shop. Then sit back and enjoy the effect such a small investment can have on your B2B relationships!


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