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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

The time for fun in the sun means that it is time to not only whip out the beach towels and sunscreen, but to promote your business in ways others never thought of!

Promotional items and business giveaways not only build brand loyalty, but also spread the name of your company far and wide, from the beach to the pool. Advertising to the entirety of the beach party crowd not only drags in business, but builds your logo up into one that people remember having seen. Choosing a collection of items to advertise with is just the first step, and getting them printed by your reliable Long Island printer and into the hands of customers is another.

Selecting items that your customers will use and enjoy should be a key factor you look for in the process of choosing products to advertise on. Beach towels and umbrellas are great for displaying your logo, and they are also good to sell at the beach or just hand out over the course of the day.

Good items are plentiful, so here is some examples to get you on the path towards your decision:

Ÿ      “Beach day” items: towels, sunscreen, and ice coolers.

Ÿ      “Stay Cool” items: umbrellas, reusable water bottles and cool visors.

Ÿ      “Fun in the Sun” items: blow up beach balls, Frisbees, and other popular beach toys.

Ÿ      “Remember the Kids” items: Buckets and shovels, rubber duckies, and crayons are always options.

Ÿ      “Useful” items (these can never be overdone): Cup cozies, bottle openers, and pens with a pad of paper.

Ÿ      “Wear it!” items (also always good): Tank tops, hats, rubber bracelets, and flip flops.

No-one says you have to give these things away! You can sell them at reasonable dollar range prices at the location of your choice, and make a buck back if all else fails. Cheap alternatives to an overpriced purchase can drag in customers quickly. While putting your logo in front of a large collection of people, it will also give your brand a good name for being quality and easy to afford.

After your game plan is finished, it is important to find a good printer that will understand your ideas and help you make them a reality. Make sure you check your local Long Island printer before anything else and save yourself the hassle of long distance shipping and handling. Local printers can keep you from breaking the bank with bulk purchase discounts and quality, personalized service that few other big chains can match.

Harness the power of summer in your advertising ploy and help drag in customers with creative marketing ideas. No matter if you choose to sell the items or simply give them away, both options will create a buzz about your business and help pave a path to success.

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