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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Selecting a printing company should be a priority for every  business owner. Your business cards, stationery, flyers and brochures will be making the first impression in many cases for your company, so it’s absolutely vital that the job gets done professionally. Seek out Long Island printers that select one which not only offers quality printing but can provide others services you may need as a small business.

What should you look for in a paper printing company? Customization is key. You don’t want to use a company that churns out cookie cutter solutions, or worse, outsources to a cheap online provider. Ask if the printer has the ability to customize your paper products exactly the way you want them. If you have a business card idea or a brochure layout in mind, they should be able to work with you and ensure that the end result is perfect down to the last detail.

Cost is always a consideration but shouldn’t be your primary factor when choosing a paper printer. Ordering in bulk can help you save money, so plan ahead and get all of your paper printing needs in one order instead of ordering business cards one month and stationery the next. Ordering everything from the same printer at the same time will often qualify you for a discount and defray the cost of using a higher quality printer.

Ask about additional services. If your company will need anything else that is printed, the company you choose should offer extra printing options – for example, embroidered or screen-printed products like uniform shirts, custom caps or jackets, promotional printed items, and so on. By doing business with a single vendor, you also cut costs and ensure that your branding  is consistent and that your logo and colors you choose all match.

Make sure that your printer double and triple checks with you before printing. Go over each item carefully and ensure that every piece has correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Having to scrap an entire order later because of a typo is something you never want to have happen! Spending time now means saving money later.

You can also save money by using a local Long Island print shop like Viking as you can pick up your printed items when completed. This saves you shipping costs and eliminates the chances of your finished product being damaged in transport. You will also typically get your items much more quickly as the printer knows you will be coming in to pick up the merchandise.

Choosing the right paper printer can mean the beginning of a long and profitable partnership. Screen all of your choices carefully and make your final selection with confidence. It’s time to see what a Long Island printer can do for you!

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