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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Are your business cards a bit blah? Do you hand them out resigned to the fact that most will end up in a landfill? Your businesses card printer can provide so much more than a bland standard card if you know what to ask for.

Whether you are tacking them up on a bulletin board or handing them out to everyone you meet business cards can play an important part of drawing in new business for your company. 

A business card should do three things, and do them well:

  1. Tell potential clients what you do
  2. Tell potential clients how to contact you
  3. Be memorable enough to escape the trash can

Coming up with a clever design then hiring the right Long Island printer to complete your business card order can be the key to making a statement every time someone looks at your card!

What you should include on you business card:

  • Ÿ Your full name
  • Ÿ The name of your company
  • Ÿ Contact information (phone, email, location and website address)
  •  Products or services offered
  • ŸLogo or photo

After you add all basic information you want to include, think about how to make your business card stand out from all the others out there. Different industries naturally lend themselves to useful or quirky business cards:

  • A bookstore could have business cards that are elongated and appropriate for use as a bookmark (add a tassel for just the right touch!)
  • A coffee shop could pass out heavy cardboard cards in a circular shape suitable for use as a coaster at home.
  • A hair salon could include a line to fill in for the next appointment
  • A temp agency could include a bus schedule on the back
  • A barber shop could have cards in the shape of a barber pole
  • A veterinarian could use the shape of a dog bone

Once you have developed a concept for your card, take it to your local Long Island print shop and ask them how they can help you make your business cards unique. They may have ideas and products to make your cards even more memorable and keep-worthy.  If the printer specialize in helping small businesses, ask for bulk discounts or pricing for recurring orders See if you can pick your cards up to save on shipping costs.

Once you have your cards, don’t let them sit in a box in a drawer. Hand them out, leave them places, and don’t forget that every cards can be seen by multiple people. Anyone can have a business card with basic information, but creating a unique card is a great way to attract more customers to your small business.

Don’t let yourself be boxed in to the average, boring solution – think outside the box and discover what a difference it can make!

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