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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

If your business primarily deals with other businesses you need ways to convince them that you are their best contact no matter what. Using printed promotional items for your branding efforts will help you achieve your goal of being their top choice every time they need a service or product similar to what you can provide.

Before you order your next printed promotional items, you should carefully consider a few factors to help you properly target your audience. Once you know what items are most likely to succeed, you can make an appointment with your local Long Island printer and create an order for promo products to use in your B-to-B outreach efforts.

Choosing the Right Products for your B-to-B Contacts

If your contacts in the B-to-B field you are targeting are young and hip, you might want to stick with printed promo products that focus on their lifestyle. Gadgets are a good choice as they can be used daily – look for high quality pens, notepads and calculators you can customize for handy, daily use items that will make every day easier on them. For traveling executives, add car chargers, travel mugs and calendars or planners to the mix. For the office bound, traditional gifts like stress balls or desks sets are a nice touch.

Events and Trade Shows

While social media branding is quickly becoming more popular, in person one-on-one networking is still king. Attending various conferences and trade shows throughout the year lets you make personal B-to-B contacts that can prove useful later on. Make sure to pack plenty of items to hand out, to keep your company name and logo in front of these contacts. The money you spend on giveaway items will be returned tenfold when they provide a way to get I touch with your company long after the event is over

Fun Items

Don’t forget the whimsical and quirky. Printed goofy sunglasses or hats can also be given away, or water bottles with a silly slogan. If kids will be present, focus on them as well, with branded crayon packages, coloring books, small toys and other custom printed items.

Holiday Gifts

The holidays provide a great opportunity to go all out. A deluxe portfolio or carry-all with your company logo embossed on one side, or a sumptuous gift basket with branded gourmet treats can be the perfect gift to keep you in sight and on their minds for the coming year.

The standard promotional printed items such as pens, coffee mugs, and calendars can still be depended on for low cost, high ROI disbursement, so contact your Long Island print shop today and find out what variety of printed items your company can use to help leverage your B-to-B outreach campaign. Maintaining solid, positive relationships with the companies you deal with annually is just good business sense, and promotional products are a terrific way to achieve your goal!

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