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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

To remain competitive in today’s market, you have to give people a reason to buy from you and not someone else. That means creating brand visibility in your community – and screen printed design t-shirts can make you and your employees stand out in a crowd. A reputable Long Island screen printer can help you with this!

There is no better way to impress on your customers that your company is willing to go the extra mile than to have your employees dressed for the occasion. Your company image can be firmly established with something as simple as professionally screenprinted shirts as part of a relaxed company uniform. Customers who enter your place of business will immediately know who to speak to obtain help, employees who make house calls can easily be recognized by homeowners.

In addition to quickly identifying your employees to your customers, screenprinted shirts can be used to bring your workforce together. Even something as simple as screen printed tees can provide a sense of team fellowship and help enhance your brand through a tightly bound group of people working together for a common goal.

Screenprinted shirts are also terrific for when you business participates in community events and supports charities. Having your team show up in “uniform” and help out is a great way to build good will in your local area and to show people you care about the community at large. You can also use screenprinted design tees to unify your group and help them be visible at public appearances at fairs, trade shows and other local events.  When your team shows up to participate in a good cause, it reflects well on your business and shows how your company is committed to the community.

Screenprinted tees can be used for team-building internally as well as for brand building externally. You can pass them out for company retreats or picnics, and reqard employees who wear their often – for example, any employee who takes a picture of himself or herself at a club or restaurant wearing the company shirt, could get some sort of small reward, or points in a contest leading up to a nice prize such as a prepaid debit card to the employee who racks up the most ‘official promo shirt wearings’ in a month.

You can also have your employees wear the shirts and be your walking advertisement by taking them outside the workplace.  Offer to take all of your staff who wears their screenprinted tee to work that day out to lunch – a crowd of you showing up at a local community hangout for burgers or BBQ has a terrific visible impact and a good method for rewarding employee participation as well. You could even work a deal with a local pizzeria, bakery or diner to give your employees a discount when they come in wearing their shirts, meaning they get more business and you get more exposure!

Ask your long island screenprinting shop for more ideas on how to make screen printed tee shirts for your employees fun and comfortable to wear. Invest in high quality shirts and you’ll find your workers are more than happy to be your brand boosters!

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