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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Giving away business promotional products such as custom printed shirts can be a leap of faith. Is the expense incurred by having custom printing done balanced by the advertising power o0f the printed materials? How do you measure the impact of your promotional products? A survey done by Advertising Specialty Institute shows that this form of advertising is extremely effective when you look at the cost per impression (how much you pay for every time someone sees your brand.)

The survey looked at which promotional products were most owned by the average person, and impressions (how many times that product was likely to be viewed by themselves or others). Custom printed shirts were third on the list, right behind other printed clothing (such as jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts or fleece vests) and writing instruments. According to the survey, shirts were also in the top five insofar as usage and impressions, with the average shirt reaching approximately 2208 impressions in its lifetime (remember, this includes the number of times the shirt is seen by the owner themselves).

The cost per impression was only five thousandths of a cent ($0.005) when an average up front cost of $11 per shirt was used for calculation. Compared to other forms of advertising, this is so ridiculously inexpensive that you should pick up your phone and call a Lindenhurst screenprinter to order a few dozen shirts immediately!

The prestigious Nielsen Company reinforces these numbers, and compares them to other more traditional advertising methods, concluding that no other marketing method has a lower per impression cost. For example, a television ad aired during prime time would run at least $0.018 per impression, and spot radio costs even more at $0.058/impression. A screenprinter in Nassau County seems like a great alternative when compared with the outrageous cost of media advertising.

It’s not just the cost that counts, however – it’s the effectiveness of the promotional product at making your brand recognizable to consumers. 83% of survey participants in the US claimed they could identify the advertiser on a business promotional product they owned, with mugs and custom printed shirts running an average of 86-87% for consumer recall of the brand being promoted. Up to 64% of people surveyed said that they think better of a business that gives away promotional material, and 60% said they have done business with a company that gave them a promotional product. The survey didn’t narrow down how many people did business with a company after only viewing a promotional product, but there is no doubt that custom printed shirts can distinctly increase awareness of a specific brand, making this a smart move for any company.

With that in mind, investing in custom printing as an advertising strategy is definitely worth any business’ time and money, with a high return for very low costs. A Lindenhurst screenprinter can help you create the perfect shirt that will bring you repeat customers and new ones for years to come!

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