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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

A fire uniform embroiderer can help create customized versions of the uniforms and other clothing and gear firefighters use on a daily basis. From custom shirts and duffels to fire patches, specialized gear can give each member of the team pride in their appearance and unify the group.

Whether you want to customize by the house or truck, embroidered fire patches are easy to have created and to apply to caps, bags, shirts and other gear. While some fire groups offer custom firefighter t-shirts and firefighter apparel incentives to their crews, others may not be able to foot the bill for freebies. In such cases, men and women themselves can band together to decide on a group purchase of fire patches or shirts from a reputable fire uniform embroiderer, and still get a great discount.

A unified appearance has always been a great way to encourage teamwork in any sort of work setting, and the firehouse is no exception. Customized firefighter themed t-shirts, embroidered fire patches and other clothing can be used by firefighters themselves as well as worn by spouses, family members, friends and other supporters. This shows show solidarity and respect for the job these brave men and women do each day as part of the firefighting departments that keep communities safe!

Volunteer fire departments can particularly benefit from the services of a fire uniform embroiderer – in many rural areas, funds are tight, and being able to adapt clothing into uniforms with the addition of embroidered fire patches and other insignia is a great help. Most embroiderers can also handle orders for similar public safety organizations, including uniform customization for emergency medical services and hired security forces.

The following options can be evaluated to figure out what items will be of most use to your group before taking your order to a fire uniform embroiderer:

  • ŸFirefighter custom printed t-shirts
  • Fire department custom embroidered polo shirts
  • ŸFire uniform shirts with embroidery
  • ŸFire patches for use on shirts, duffels, caps or jackets

Fire department gear such as outerwear, rainwear or any other type of work related gear can also be customized, either with direct embroidery or embroidered fire patches. You can deliver a custom design for use n the embroidery process, or ask your fire uniform embroiderer for suggestions on an appropriate and original design.

Ensure that all clothing items are high quality. Firefighting men and women typically lead active lives even off duty, and spending money on custom items is wasted if the foundation isn’t able to stand up to repeated wearing and washing! Likewise, any item an embroidered fire patch is affixed to should be high quality, although in the case of items becoming worn, sew-on fire patches can often be removed and resewn to a new piece of gear.

Firefighters should always have quality uniforms and a fire uniform embroiderer can ensure that they always look professional with custom clothing, caps, bags and other items.

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