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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Trying to build team spirit? Custom embroidery in Suffolk County can help your youth team become stronger and more united! While part of building a cohesive, strong team is celebrating each individual’s strengths and differences from the other team members, another even larger part is finding out how to take those different individuals and mold numerous personalities into a strong, trusting unit.

One way to do this is by introducing uniformity to the group in the most basic way possible – through an actual uniform. Teams that turn to custom embroidery for Suffolk County youth groups can help create a team ‘uniform’ out of a plain colored polo or golf shirt. When team members identify with the group, they feel part of something bigger and stronger than they can be alone, and are inspired to work harder towards the common goal.

There are several steps to creating great youth team chemistry. The first is communication. A uniform can help at a most basic level, reminding team members what side they are on and making it easy to identify other team members in the middle of action! Another important step is to ensure that everyone is treated equally. This doesn’t mean ensuring everyone has a turn being the quarterback; it’s about acknowledging that without the guards the linebackers can take him out – so they are just as important. The quarterback doesn’t get a special colored jersey, his is just like everyone else!

Custom embroidery for Suffolk County youth can also be used on other types of team uniforms including those that are less about competitive contact sports and more about cooperation, such as choir, band or orchestra. These groups of young people can take pride in their clean-cut, uniform appearance and will be more inclined to synch up.

When building team spirit, attitudes are as important as uniforms. If everyone on the team is pulling hard for every other member, the unit as a whole will be unstoppable. Watch for any sign of discord among team members and nip it in the bud – everyone doesn’t have to be best friends, but respect between all members, from the weakest to the strongest, is imperative. This goes for parents as well!

A great way to help a youth team work together towards a common goal is to have them collectively earn the money needed to have custom embroidery in Suffolk County done for all the shirts needed. This avoids any issues if there are children who don’t have the means to come up with the cost of a custom shirt, and makes the whole team take even more pride in their uniform since they raised the funding themselves.

Coaches should also teach the philosophy of the team as a single organism, with many parts each doing their job to make the team a success. The team wins and loses as a group, without cliques being formed or developing into an “us and them” mentality within the group! Cultivate team spirit and team pride, let natural leaders blossom, and praise the supporting members of the team so everyone gets equal recognition.

Custom embroidery by a Suffolk County expert can create uniforms that kids will be proud to wear. Proper encouragement and instruction will create a team they are proud to be part of. Don’t ever let a chance to build team spirit pass you by!

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