Embroidered polo shirts can make you into a walking advertisement for your business – and you don’t even have to wear a sandwich board! Having your logo professionally embroidered on your shirt shows the world that you are proud of your business and stand behind your product or service – after all, no-one would want to advertise they are with a company that offers less than the best.

Your logo on a golf shirt is a subtle way to remind people about your business whether you are hitting the links for a few holes before dinner or stopping for lunch at a busy café. It makes everyone around you aware of who you are and what you do, and can lead to a prospective client or customer opening a conversation. When you introduce yourself, you have a natural lead in since your shirt does the talking for you!

Your employees can be walking advertisements as well – while they likely won’t wear their company shirt outside of working hours, any time they run an errand when they are on the clock they provide a little more exposure for your brand. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that anyone wearing your brand upholds the high standards you want associated with your company, so make sure your staff knows that when they are wearing their shirts, they are representing the company the logo stands for.

Since embroidered polo shirts benefit your company, you should consider picking up the tab for your employees – if they work five days a week, supply them with five shirts. If they damage or lose one, it can be their responsibility to replace it, but consider the initial cost part of your ad budget. Shirts can be bought in bulk, and wholesale embroidery discounts can defray the expense of outfitting your entire workforce. It’s an investment that’s worth every penny!

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