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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Embroidered polo shirts
 can help bring your band members together into a cohesive, uniform group that looks great up on stage. A middle school band program that is under-funded can have a hard time deciding on a uniform that is affordable for all members, looks good on everyone, and presents the band as professional and well put-together.

Custom embroidery can turn an otherwise unremarkable polo shirt into a symbol of team spirit and unity. When every member of the band is outfitted with a shirt that is correctly sized and the rest of their clothing is standardized, your group will not only look like pros but will feel like part of the larger team instead of an individual performing alone in their own little space.

The first step to creating a customized band uniform is to fund your shirt purchase and embroidery costs. You can do this by holding a band fundraiser, by asking each band member to purchase his or her shirt and embroidery. Long Island local businesses may also be willing to sponsor your band by providing the shirts and paying the embroidery costs in exchange for having their company logo on the shirt as well.

The next step is to find a professional shirt embroiderer. Custom embroidery is usually done by machine, but you need an expert who knows how to program the machine, select the correct thread, set the proper tension and ensure that the placement of each embroidered segment is identical to the other shirts being created. Once you have selected a professional embroiderer, you can decide what you want your uniform to look like.

Most embroidered polo shirts have embroidery located on the left breast. Other spots where embroidery can be placed are the back of the collar, the back of the shirt just below the collar, the front points of the collar, and the sleeve bands. Generally, embroidered band shirts will have the band name and logo on the front left breast, and additional custom embroidery can be placed on the sleeve band or the back of the collar to denote the year. The student’s name can be added if financing permits; this can go on the sleeve band or the right point of the shirt collar. The embroidered polo shirts can be any neutral color that will look good on almost all children. Black, navy, light blue, cream, white or wine red are possible choices. The embroidery should be done in contrasting colors so it shows up well. If possible, slightly fitted polo shirts can be obtained for girls in upper grades so they will fit comfortably. Polo shirts should be worn tucked into nice dress slacks or khakis.

If the embroiderer gives a bulk discount on custom embroidery jobs, it may be advisable to order shirts for adults involved with the band as well as any parents who might like shirts. This can even serve as a fundraiser of sorts if you ask a reasonable price for the adult shirts, or you could sell enough adult shirts at a profit to cover the cost of the band members’ shirts.

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