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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Why should you wear, sell and give away embroidered hats and caps? Because they are one of the best ways to get ongoing visibility for your company! There are several ways you can make hats and caps embroidered with your logo work for you as a persuasive ad for your company, at a total cost that is much less than the average advertising campaign!
v The hats you select should be high quality; a poorly made cap will not stand up to embroidery. Fitted caps are the highest quality, but are expensive, so for a giveaway a Velcro one size fits all hat may be the best choice. The front of the cap may be reinforced before embroidery to stiffen it and prepare it for your logo to be placed.
v Your embroidered hats or caps should be complementary to the existing colors of your brand, but should also be suitable for everyday wear. If your colors are hot pink and neon green, using these colors in the logo and embroidering your logo on a hat that is white, black or khaki will tone them down enough to be wearable with almost any outfit.

You can also spread your motto or slogan (if you have one and if it is short enough) on embroidered caps and hats. If you have a funny or catchy slogan, people will enjoy wearing your brand! The key to visibility with embroidered hats and caps is to make them attractive and comfortable enough that wearers will don the often and with pride.

Distributing your hats or caps embroidered with your company logo or slogan is the next step. You can always sell them at your place of business (although trying to turn a profit is not recommended – if you break even, you’ll still come out ahead with free advertising) – or you can give them away, making your business look even better to the community.

Giveaways can be random – every 50th or 100th customer, or any customer wearing a competitor’s hat, for example; or targeted – such as giving away caps with a certain dollar amount purchase. You can also attend community events and hand out embroidered caps or hats for free – this works well at outdoor venues in the summer, when people will be glad of a hat or cap to reduce the chances of heatstroke for themselves and their children!

You can also commission embroidered hats or caps to support charitable organizations or drives in your area, then donate them to the charity as a giveaway they can use. “Tom’s Hardware supports our local Humane Society” is a great way to show the community you care and you may even be able to write off your donation of embroidered hats or caps when tax time rolls around (ask your accountant about what donations give a tax break!)

Additionally, it never hurts to wear your own cap and even make embroidered hats part of your company dress code, if you run a business where casual attire is in order. Make sure your employees each have a hat or two, and wear your own as often as possible. It’s one of the least expensive advertising campaigns you’ll ever come across.

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