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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Putting company names and logos on custom printed tees or embroidered golf shirts to sponsor charity events is a long standing tradition! Promotional shirts are an easy and affordable way to increase brand recognition for your company name, products and services – and when you support a good cause, you gain extra respect in the community by becoming a force for good.

As Fall approaches, many cities hold multiple fun-runs, mini-marathons, and golf events aimed at supporting one charity or another. When you sponsor a runner, a golfer or a team, you are showing that your business cares about the community, believes in giving back, and is committed to helping the world change for the better.

Having your brand logo on shirts makes you easily visible to the public, and they are often worn multiple times for months or years after the event. Just one shirt can yield hundreds or even thousands of impressions during its wearable lifetime!

Depending on the event, consider the kind of shirt to use for your sponsorship. For a fun-run, simple colorful tee shirts with the name of the event on the front and your company name and motto on the back is ideal. Use bright colors, and make sure to order enough to sponsor a team. Include yourself and your staff!

For a golf event, an embroidered golf shirt is an even better idea – you can create a high quality shirt with the golfer’s name (or names if you can sponsor a foursome) on the breast and your company logo in a bright color on the sleeve. Consider similar embroidered custom golf caps to match. Again, show up for the event to clap for your competing golfer(s) and wear matching embroidered golf shirts.

A local Long Island embroiderer or custom shirt printing shop can help you decide on a design for the shirts, select the correct shirt sizes and weight of fabric, and choose colors. For a run in a sunny region, where it is still warm in early fall, think about light colors that won’t soak up heat. For golf shirts, colors in neutral tones such as cream, khaki, dark green, navy blue and so on are excellent. A lighter or darker thread can be used for embroidery for contrast.

Ask your Long Island t-shirt printer or embroiderer about specifics like set-up charges, minimum order requirements, return policies and shipping charges. If you use a local print shop, you can save on the latter by picking up the shirts. Ensure that you order enough shirts to pass them around to staff, friends and family members, and make a big turnout at your chosen event.

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