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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Do you know what the top ordered paper products for large and small businesses are? Custom stationery and envelopes! While of course you can simply use any old paper and handwrite the return address on each envelope, the savvy companies who go the extra mile and have these items custom printed understand exactly how important it is to project a professional image. Professionally printed stationery and envelopes created by a well established Long Island printer is the first step towards that image you need to present.

Even something so seemingly insignificant as a piece of mail can be amazingly important. It could be one of the first impressions a potential customer gets of your business – possibly the one and only impression you will have a chance at! Having an elegant looking custom printed envelope and letterhead stationery gives an immediate feeling of professionalism, far more handwritten or labeled envelopes

There’s more… When you opt for custom printed stationery and envelopes, you have an opportunity to share as much about your business as possible. Ensure that your company information and address are already printed on envelopes and stationery to save your employees precious time. Time is money, and avoiding mundane tasks like adding a return address to blank envelopes can save you more money than you spend on pre-printed ones in the long run.

Are you convinced that custom printed stationery and envelopes are the right choice to help your business? The next step is making your mailings certain to be opened. Think about what would pique your own interest if it showed up in your mailbox. You probably get at least a few pieces of mail each week that capture your eye. Think about what makes you choose to open a certain envelope first instead of last. Is it the font of the text? The colors used on the piece? The unique logo?

Imagine how you want your own business to be portrayed, and factor in your target demographic. Opt for simple and clean when in doubt. Once you have a design, work on the font you want for the text (also legible, although a little flourish is fine) and the weight and color of the paper (heavier is better and an ivory is preferable to white.)

Finally, choose a print shop. A local Long Island printer can offer personalized service you might not find at a bigger chain, and you can even pick up your order to save on shipping and put your custom printed stationery and envelopes to work for you sooner. Don’t delay – the time for getting customer printed paper products for your office is now!

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