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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Having a party? Custom printed invites can be the perfect way to encourage attendance and keep track of RSVPs. A Long Island printer will help ensure your party invitations hit just the right tone every time!

Custom Printed Birthday Invitations

If your birthday party has a theme, you can create a custom invitation using artistic images and stylized text. Decide if you want your invitation to be a simple, heavy card printed on one or both sides, or a lighter folded card printed on the front and inside – and even the back. Send invitations early, but not too early. About two weeks before the actual party is ideal, unless it is a milestone and you expect people from far away to travel to the location. You can order “extra customized” birthday invitations to send even to those you know cannot attend – they’ll appreciate the thought!

 Custom Printed Graduation Invitations

Graduation parties are almost mandatory for your teen about to embark on their adult life – and the invitations should reflect your pride in their accomplishment.  You can use a photograph of the graduate and include a personalized message along with the expected data such as the student’s name, school name, graduating status (high school, college), and the time, date, and location of the graduation party. Make sure to ask for an RSVP and provide the phone number of the person assigned to keep track of attendance!!

Custom Printed Wedding Invitations

Custom wedding invitations can be designed to fit any theme, from a costume party Mardi Gras or Halloween wedding to a sumptuous black tie gala.  Folded 5.5″ x 4″ cards are commonly used, on very heavy cardstock in a matte, glossy or linen finish with custom printing in an italic script. Photo invitations can also be created, especially if the wedding photographer is willing to do a few shots ahead of time. Alternately, use an image of the wedding location. Make sure to specify if a plus one is acceptable, and request an RSVP.

Custom Printed Invitation Envelopes

For all types of invitations, including those for business events, custom invitation envelopes add the final touch. Custom invitation envelopes can be designed with your business logo for official event invitations, or you can include a special note to recipients of more personal invites. Custom printed invitation envelopes not only present a professional appearance, they can save you hours that you would have to devote to writing out all of return addresses.

Before you plan your next party or event, contact Viking and get a quote for custom printed party invitations. It could be just the touch your party needs!

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