Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Using your company logo on a golf shirt allows to you positively boost your brand in the public eye in a classy way. A custom logo tastefully embroidered on a high quality golf shirt lends an air of professionalism to your employees, provides a great way to say “Thank you” to loyal customers, creates opportunities to sponsor charities, teams and other causes, and allows your business to make connections with hundreds of people during the lifetime of every shirt. This ‘low cost per impression’ can be obtained by using an embroiderer in Nassau County to customize shirts.

Golf has become the sport of choice for working professionals looking to blow off a little steam in a positive way, and the relaxed, comfortable yet snappy attire of the golf course has made its way into the mainstream. An embroidered polo shirt or golf shirt can be worn in almost any setting, from the relaxed business lunch to the backyard barbeque. The range of colors and material weight, placement of logo and / or company name as well as the many options for sizing and fitting for men and women make the golf shirt an easy to distribute form of walking advertising.

Getting your logo on a golf shirt is a fairly simple process. Decide on a color (or variety of colors) for your golf shirt, and ensure any logo you use will be well portrayed through embroidery. Nassau County businesses should stick to simple logos that use only one or two colors so their logo will be easy to read by people in the community. Determine how many shirts to order – most Nassau County embroiderers give a nice discount for bulk buys – and reflect on what sizes you should stock up on. Decide on the placement of the logo – it can go on the left breast, the sleeve band, or even the back of the collar.

You can order embroidered polo shirts and encourage virtually anyone to wear your logo by dint of giving it to them as a freebie or a promotion. You can sell the shirts at your place of business, and get people to wear your shirts by offering a discount if they come in to shop at your store wearing one (This works particularly well for restaurants; a free drink or 10% off the bill is a great motivator for someone to wear a customized polo shirt.)

Your company can also gain brand exposure by acting as a sponsor. Golf tournaments are a natural choice in many communities, especially when held to benefit a charity. Printing your company’s logo on golf shirt sleeves can bring visibility to your brand as spectators and participants can readily identify companies that have become actively involved. If the tournament draws a large crowd, or gains the attention of the community press, this branding strategy can prove even more far reaching and effective.

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