Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Screenprinted tote bags have become increasingly popular over the past five years as a way for stores to promote ecological responsibility and to advertise their brand! These shopping totes aren’t just environmentally friendly – although they do cut down significantly on the need for plastic bags – but they can also be a valuable form of advertising.

Your local Long Island print shop can help you with this branding and advertising project. There are just a few things you need to take into consideration before placing your order!

The first step is to choose your bag. There are several different options here:

  1. The flat tote. This is generally a small square tote with no bottom, suitable for carrying a few books or small items in. These are appropriate for bookstores, libraries, trinket shops, pharmacies and so on. It may have just one handle attached on each side to one of the sides of the bag in a diagonal manner.
  2. The three panel bag. This tote has a flat bottom and it suitable for carrying more and heavier items. It comes in a size comparable to a traditional paper grocery bag, with two handles at the top for ease of carrying. These are probably the most popular type of bag. They may also have a cloth covered cardboard insert to give the bottom substance and stability when open.
  3. The backsack. Not a true backpack, this is another small square tote with springs run down each side so arms can be fitted through for carrying on the back. This is handy for carrying to school, the gym, the beach or the park withy extra clothing, a water bottle, sunscreen, etc.

The quality of material used in the bag should be considered as well. Thin cotton is inexpensive, though it can tear easily if anything with a sharp corner is placed in the bag. A tighter, heavier weave of fabric will stand up to abuse better and take the printing well. Canvas is a common choice if the logo is large and simple (detailed designs are lost to the loose weave.)

The color of your tote should complement or contrast in a pleasing way with your logo colors. Logos with multiple colors should be placed on a white, black, tan or brown bag and you can expect to pay extra for each additional ink color. If you choose to include your company motto or slogan as well, or to have your phone number printed on the opposite side of the bag, it will also cost more – but having contact information readily available could be an added benefit.

Buying in bulk and picking up the bags yourself from Viking will make them cheaper, giving you a discount for a large order and eliminating shipping costs. Once your bags are ready, you can choose to give them away with a purchase, or sell them for a very modest sum. To encourage repeat business, offer a small discount to shoppers who bring their bags in when they visit – this will increase repeat business and lower your cost for regular plastic or paper bags if you train your regular clientele to carry their own shopping bags! 

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