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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

November is American Diabetes Month and it’s a great time to get involved in diabetes awareness, using paper printed products as the natural aid. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the United States; in fact, the American Diabetes Association reports that approximately 7 million of the nearly 26 million Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed!

If you can partner with organizations in the community to offer education, self-management classes, and support for people with diabetes and their families, as well as programs that can help individuals lower their risk for developing the disease, you could make a big difference.

While there are many free, online programs that can help with nutritional choices and physical activity for people with diabetes, many people don’t have access and don’t know where to look. Paper printed products  are sometimes more readily available and obtainable, and can be the key to helping a person or family learn more.       

Your company can take the lead by having small one page brochures printed up and left by the checkout in your place of business for inclusion with each order. Your Long Island printercould be a great resource here, providing low cost printing options and high quality for a flyer that is easy to read and gives great information about how to find out if a person is at risk for diabetes and where to go for more help.

In addition to awareness and diagnosis, self care is another issue that can be touched on. Most diabetics, even those under a doctor’s regular care, must rely on diabetes self-management as a key element to avoid diabetes-related complications. Without appropriate diagnosis and treatment, diabetes can cause blindness, kidney failure, heart disease and stroke, and are also more likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, nerve and/or kidney damage.

You can help promote awareness, encourage those who need to seek testing and/or diagnosis, mentor healthy lifestyle changes, and recommend compliance with treatment plans using simple printed paper products. From easy to read and understand statistics about diabetes to lists of clinics offering free or low cost testing, coupons for diabetes related supplies and even  helpful recipes for diabetics, you can make a difference during National Diabetes Month. 

Contact Viking printing and find out if you can get some flyers and brochures to hand out in November to help with the awareness effort. Every person made aware of the risks could be a person helped!

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