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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

A great way to help bring in repeat business is by ensuring that your clients have a strong reminder to return. While your paper, envelopes, and business cards are certain to be custom printed, have you considered a way to get your branding onto other paper printed materials in your place of business?

If you sell anything, whether product or service, you have the opportunity to remind your client or customer to hang onto their receipt. This should be larger than a simple cash register or credit card slip! Customizing your receipt system makes it easy for people to file your receipt away for future referral.

Having a stack of custom printed receipts makes it easy. Simply have your company name, information, guarantee, return policy, and more printed on a full sized sheet of paper. You can even include a discount offer or coupon on this side. Stack the receipts in your printer, so that you can print the backs with the customer’s actual purchasing information. They will have a receipt with a built in ad on it, and a reason to hang on to their receipt!

This manner of organizing your customer is highly professional, and makes it easier for customers to remember both what you have done for them recently and what you can possibly offer them in the future!

Gift certificates are another area your company can shine. If you are in an industry that provides any sort of personal service – from manicures to birthday party planning to gourmet pastry baking – offering customers the chance to share their favorite vendor with friends and family is an excellent idea.

Your Long Island printer can easily create stylish looking gift certificates which you can sell. You can also donate certificates to local charities or youth groups to use in raffles, or give away small certificates with purchases to lure existing customers back in to spend more.

If your business encourages regularly scheduled visits – such as dog grooming, haircuts, next oil change, dental cleanings, or more, you can have custom printed items created specifically for these purposes. Consider printed stickers that can have the next scheduled appointment or reminder written on them, to be taken home and simply peeled and stuck to the client’s calendar.

Don’t stay with boring printed paper items for your office. Look for ways to keep your brand in front of customers in new and exciting ways!

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