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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Are printed business cards an outdated concept? While we’re definitely in the digital age, you can‘t discount the ability a printed business card can have to make a great first impression and serve as a concrete reminder of your brand.

However, the digital flexibility of today’s world means business cards have changed to keep up with the times. How can you ensure the card you create is a powerful marketing tool, without losing the traditional feel that goes with a business card?

There are two main factors that go into a high quality printed business card.  The first is information, which we’ll address in a moment; the second is branding, which is simple if you already have a recognizable logo that will translate well to the size of your card.

Your logo can go in one of several places. It can be centered on the card, placed on the left top corner, utilized as a side border on the left or right, or set at the bottom left corner. Alternately, you can emblazon your larger logo on the back side of the card, making it stand out without taking up too much space on the front.

Your Long Island business printer should have a list of needed info for your card, but these can be outdated. In addition to your name, the company name and your position in the company, the following should definitely be present:

  1. Phone number. This should be your best number to be reached at; usually this will be a cell umber. If you have a traditional landline , you can use it, but if it is not monitored the entirety of business hours you should also include your work cell.
  2. Address. This may not be strictly necessary or even advisable if you run your company out of your home; but for many businesses having the physical address is a must.
  3. Website address. This is becoming more and more vital with pertinent information about your business stored online.
  4. Email address. Again, this is often the most used form of instant contact, so leaving out your email address could be a huge mistake!
  5. Social networks. Your Twitter handle (@myname) cuold be a terrific way to boost engagement form your business card – just add a “Follow me!” to your card and you could see an uptick in platform activity.

Finally, ask your Long Island printer about special discounts on bulk orders, and think about pairing a business card order with other printed paper items for your business. It never hurts to have extra cards – but don’t make the mistake of leaving them in the box. Carry a handful with you and distribute them freely. You never know when your printed business card could bring some unexpected but welcome business your way!

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