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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Summer is here, and with it are trips to the beach and pool and picnics and water fights and day camp! Beach season is the perfect time to use branded summer items for giveaways and promotional items. Branded printed items aren’t just about building customer loyalty, they are also about advertising!

Getting started with boosting your business is just a matter of choosing the right summer items to give away or sell, giving the order to your local New York printer, and then picking the order up and distributing the items to your faithful and valued customers.

Here are ten ways you can encourage your customers to do your advertising for you this summer!

  1. Beach towels. These can be had in bulk, and your log applied. Give these away with a certain minimum dollar purchase and watch them get used over and over!
  2. Umbrellas are another hot item. You can even sell these for a ridiculously low price at the front door of your establishment – that way people feel like they get value for their dollar and will be likely to use the item to death!
  3. Visors. These are another great giveaway item for those headed to the beach – remind them that keeping the sun off of their face could prevent sunstroke and even lower cancer risks.
  4. Sunblock. Bottles of branded sunscreen can make a huge impact on the health and safety of your customers – and their kids. Invest in the cool spray on kind of sunscreen and watch parents go crazy getting their hands on the cans!
  5. Water bottles. Want to make a great impression? Send an employee out to the beach or local pool with a cooler full of water bottles branded with your company name. Hand them out so no-one gets dehydrated and watch the local appreciation for your business grow!
  6. Tank tops. A screen printed tank is something anyone can appreciate, whether they need a shirt to get served in the local restaurant after lying on the beach in board shorts all day or simply want a cover-up when the sun starts going down and it gets too cool for just a bikini.
  7. Flip flops. These can be easily custom printed for your brand, and are a cheap item to give away. Keep a pail full by the door of your store and offer a pair to each customer.
  8. Goodie bags for kids. If you are located far away enough from the beach that your customers still have a way to travel, create a bag with branded crayons, coloring books and other items for a  content, quiet car ride.
  9. You can also hand out branded sand buckets and shovels, or even weighted bags for dive and retrieval games. Try kids’ swim goggles as well!
  10. Lanyards can be invaluable if everyone needs to keep a key handy – or invest in the card holders that clip onto the lanyard for easy access to ID!

Summer is your golden opportunity to use branded printed items to promote your business. Don’t miss out!

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