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Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of
On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Viking Logo with No Background

Viking is proud to announce the acquisition of On the Ball and Colorfully Yours

Any old stationary can be used to send letters to clients, but the look and class of matching envelopes and a custom letterhead not only gives a good impression, but will also stick out in your customer’s mind when they take it from the mailbox. The look of organization in a matching set of paper products can give you an air of professionalism and stability.

Old cards and stationery may not have your new, more convenient number or email address on them, and due to this you may be losing customers. If this is your situation, a chat with your local Long Island printer can help you work out some ideas for new and improved printed paper products.

A variety of products, ranging from labels to envelopes, are always available to make your business grow, and the customization that a local Long Island printer offers can help you give you and your business a good image. While you might already have custom stationery, there is always room for a new look to give your business a fresh canvas for creativity.

Every time you fail to take an opportunity to impress a customer, you might lose repeat business or recommendation by that person. Ways to avoid this are plentiful, and you can give your business a wonderful image by sending out thank you’s on custom paper, or even just placing a custom printed receipt at the bottom of a bag before it goes out the store.

If you are still stuck in the mud for ideas when it comes to the different things you would like, here are some prime examples of 10 marketing opportunities that many people forget.

  1. Flyers- These handy sheets of paper can be stuck almost anywhere with permission, and you can always make new ones according to each event or sale you may have.
  2. Calendars- Calendars are always in style, especially at the beginning of the year when everyone is rushing to get a new one. You can get creative with these, and even list future sales for every month of the year!
  3. Signage- Store signs should be reflect the same branding as the rest of your printed products, and they can cause passersby to want to stop at your business’s building.
  4. Paper invoices, receipt books and order forms- These are simple tools to help bring in repeat customers, especially if they go home after the business is done.
  5. Brochures- A trade show’s favorite, these can be flashily designed to bring in customers while also listing deals and contact information.
  6. Folders- Always handy for paperwork, these are perfect canvases to put your logo on to draw in clients.
  7. Promotional products like notepads and post-its are wonderful and perfect to hand out at shows or other events.
  8. Business cards – the importance of professional business cards cannot be stressed enough – this is often the only chance you get to make a great first impression.
  9. Fax cover sheets- Fax recipients can see these and get a good impression of you and your business, and also give you a good, well put together image.
  10. Labels- They can stick almost anywhere, and a well placed label can be a handy canvas to leave your contact information for future reference.

Take the chance to start fresh or get off to a good start with your company, and make good impressions with potential and current clientele. Choose items that can help you spread your image and brand far and wide, and also urge customers to bring their business back to you. Custom printed paper items can give you and your business a good name, and that is something everyone should have within their grasp!

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